Landslide Skate Parks Olympic Games

Landslide Best time at 8.8 sec but you got to watch your head.

This project is slow going but has become even better then we expected. 

Don’t miss out on the Landslide Olympic Games

November 27th (JR olympics 12 and younger) and 28th (Open division Olympics)


Pre Regester (by November 21st) $10

Not Pre Regestired (after November 21st)
$5 per game or $25 for all the games.

4 -5 Regestration (Warm up time).

Games start after 5pm


There are 6 games to participate in and you win a prize just for playing.

Game #1 

First game is the “Highest Olie”
In the time allowed take as many turns as you want in this event but don’t wear yourself out yet there are many more games to come.
Take your chance at this year at winning the Title for Landslide Olympics Highest Olie.

Game #2

“Gymnastys” also known as SKATE.

Take on the local flat ground skaters and if you beat them you will hold the title for 2011 Landslide Olympics  Gymnastys.
(This will automatically qualify you for the DECEMBER “Battle at the Landslide” SKATE competition see details)

Game #3

“The Bowl luge”

Speed through the course and beat the other skater’s time by navigating your way through the cones and past the finish line.
Try to take home the title spot for the 2011 Landslide Olympics Bowl Luge.

Game #4 

“Shot Put”

Now this game is a great way to find out how far you can throw a skateboard. Not every one has anger problems but on a frustrating skate day you sure can feel like hulking your board through the air will make it all better. This is obviously not a good idea to do in public because it makes you look crazy and ultimately ruins your board but we are giving you the chance to do this legitimately and throw a skate board (not yours) as far as you possibly can. The furthest thrown board takes the title for 2011 Landslide Olympics Shot Put

Game #5

“Long pop and Jump” aka distance olie.

This classic Olympic game has some pretty amazing athletes like Bob Beamon the long jump record holder at a distance of 8.90 m. Well it is a bit different when your rolling on a skateboard. Take the title for the Landslide Olympics long pop and jump.

Game #6

“Toughest Skater”
Our very own Spin the wheel battle.

Spin the wheel to set the trick if you land the set trick and the opponent doesn’t land the trick he gets a letter.  If he lands the trick he gets to spin the wheel and you trade off until one person gets 2 letters and one number = (SK8) Consistency is your only hope to win these easy trick lists but dont land on the “?” or you are at the mercy of the judge. Winner takes the title for the 2011 Landslide Olympic Toughest Skater.

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