Name the spot Competition

This years Name the spot Competition

$3 entry fee Today @6:00

(not included: Skate time, Rental equipment)
Winner gets their claim to fame and they get to name the new spot. Along with some other prizes as well as additional free skate time.

For those of you who don’t skate here regularly do not know about the ramp titles. We have been labeling our ramps from the beginning but we thought why should we get to name it every time? Why not let you have the spot?

Some of these spots were claimed instantly and some just got the reputation.

One of the newest claimed spots came from the head designer at California Skate Parks.

Thanks to him.
We now have the Maloof Money Cup 5 stair (our university 5 stair replica)

University 5 stair

Next is our famous Annihilator. (and Chris Wilcox for naming it)
It has held its ground for many and has claimed its spot in the park here is some old footage of the DC Best trick competition with Jefferson Pang and Heavy the old DC Team manager.

There is also our Sholanator

Thanks to Mike Sholar for all the shredding and taking claim to this beast.

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