Yoga Class

Join Landslide and our friends at Santosha Yoga to try our Yoga class on:

Thursday July 19th 2012 (free) Call Ahead 586 .469.1170

Basic/Beginners: This class is helpful for those new to yoga or those who just want a more gentle class.  Explore the fundamentals of yoga as you learn how to breathe and move deeply from within.  Practice light movements with consciousness to build strength, balance and flexibility and inner peace.

Class Preparation

Invest in your practice and yourself and purchase your own “sticky” mat. It will help you commit to your practice, to make it your own. Try to avoid eating a meal less than two hours before class. Digestion requires tremendous energy and can greatly interfere with your practice. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water throughout the day, not just before class.Wear comfortable clothes that will not come over your head if you bend over. Bare feet help you stick to your mat and feel connected to the earth, but you can wear socks if you choose. Avoid wearing perfume or other products to class as some students may be sensitive to strong fragrances. Try to arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you have time to relax and become centered. Let the teacher know if there are any health issues you are dealing with, specifically injuries or recent surgeries. Please remove your footwear and turn off your cell phones before you enter the practice room. You may bring water in the pactice room, please use closed containers or be careful with open cups. If you arrive late for a class please be as quiet as possible so you do not disrupt others. Some teachers may come around to do hands-on adjustments to help you become more aligned or deepen your posture. If you are not comfortable being adjusted, please let us know.

Please come with an open mind and open heart and enjoy.
Don’t forget to breath!!


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