Gnarr Wars is almost here

This is a 2 day event for those of you that want the whole experience.

August 30th 2012 is the Rail Jam and Street jam.

• Free skate time Prizes

• Toss out prizes
• Raffle 50/50
• $1 raffle off prizes
• Spin the wheel
• Games of skate
• Free throw/Balance game skate pass challenge’s

August 31st 2012 is the Stair Jam & Main Event

First place Prizes
• Membership
• Traffic board
• Silver trucks
• Wheels, Bearings, Hardware, Grip
• Posters and stickers
• Goodies Bag

Second / Third place prizes
• Free skate time
• Posters
• Stickers
• Goodies bag
• and more …

There are 3 judges

Judging is based of a 10 point scale for:

• Use of the park
• Consistency
• Technicality

Each skater gets 2-3 60 second runs. (decided by judges)
Best trick section will break a tie if needed.

Cost: (for event participation)
• $20
• $15 (Skate Park Member)

• No Charge for Viewers

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