Yoga For Skate, BMX, and Their Parents.

We Do This Every Week Thursday From 7:30-8:30 P.M.

Welcome Skaters, Bikers, and parents.

Our Landslide staff has been working  for a couple months with the most incredible Yoga instructor around. Her approach is modern and fun for all skill levels, ages, and ranges of flexibility.

Don’t be shy come check out out classes.


$10 At the door

$45 (for the month)


Thursday from 7:30-8:30 P.M.

  • Hot Yoga: A series of postures practiced in a heated environment in order to warm muscles, soothe joints, and detoxify through the process of sweating.
  • Hot Yoga Mix with Flow: This class is considered a “vinyasa” as we move through the postures in a constant rhythm with traditional sun salutations for transition (don’t worry if you do not know the positions or lingo we will go over it during the class). This class contains traditional Hot Yoga class postures with an introduction to flow this is a great way to ease into the practice.

    The room is heated so prepare as you would for any Hot Yoga class.

    The room is moderately heated, the workout is more cardiovascular, it combines upper body strength with flexibility, and is designed for students of all levels.

  • Prepare by drinking plenty of water and dressing in light clothing.
  • Come prepared to sweat from an intense workout!
  • Beginners are more than welcome.
  • Please bring a mat if you have one.

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