The Green Room Story

This is one of the first movies made for Landslide Skate Park by its team skaters. Back in these days (2005) we had a whopping 12 sponsored team skateboarders. A lot of them have grown up started a carrear, moved on to start working in their field of study, or moved away to start school. This parting ways has opened new doors for them as well as opened some sponsorship opportunities for everyone else.

Today our team riders have a wide variety of sports that they participate in because we feel it is the teams responsibility to help the next generation grow.

We have high expectations but it isn’t impossible to get sponsored by us. It is all about the effort you make to impact this place in a positive way. I constantly have skaters ask how they can get sponsored by our park and I simply reply with “I need something to work with.”

Here is a good example of how such a large group of skaters caught our attention and succeeded so well. 

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