Training Camp


Date: May 13 – 17

Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Cost: $95 (all participants)

This is an opportunity for you to see what it takes to be a staff member or even a sponsored skater for Landslide Skate Park.  We will be recruiting straight from the camp but this is no guarantee that you will become part of the landslide family.  This is a requirement for our staff and a recommendation for anyone who would like to learn the inside scoop on what we do here at landslide. We will be focusing on Health, Balance, Fitness, First Aid, CPR, and other riding safety techniques.

By the end of the camp we will have created a couple videos displaying the park and its skaters at their finest.  The workshops we have set up will educate campers on production techniques and hopefully give them a good start to producing their own videos.  This is very important aspect of the action sports industry.

Each workshop allows the participant to film, direct, produce, and even ride.  The workshops will be hands on using several cameras, a dolly,  a camera crane, and even a steady cam.
Workshops available:

• Landslide Commercial
• Summer camp commercial
• Raw footage reel
• Sponsor reel

This camp includes 2 hours of private park time and we will have our sponsored skaters stopping in so you can get the full experience filming and skating.

• One lucky camper will get a “free ride pass” for all three of the following camps as the designated filmer.
• One other skater will get to be the backup filmer.

• We will also be recruiting instructors and interns to help with the camps.

If you have questions and want to be invited contact Andrew.

Good Luck.

Landslide 2013 Summer Camp Regestration

Sign up (then contact Andrew)  Download PDF

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