Landslide Park Series

Each season we will have a new competition. The first season is for our Inline Skaters, the next season is for the Skateboarders, the following season Scooters, and the last season will be the Bikers. These competitors will train and compete against each other for points toward a free month pass and tons of other prizes. The first month in the Landslide Park Series (#LPS) competitors will have private park time Sunday’s from 12 – 2PM as marked on the calendar. During those days competitors will be tested on the format and also given time to film and practice. After attending a practice competitors will be rewarded 25pts towards their goal of 200pts

(you will instantly receive 100pts just for coming to all of the practice sessions)

On the final competition day there will be a panel of five judges. Each judge will be trained to our specification. Competitors will get to meet the judge’s during the private park sessions. To make the process as fair as possible the highest and lowest scores will be excluded and the final three averaged out.


$25 Competition Fee
($45 on the day of the competition)

Sunday Practices / Format Review (25pts each practice)
$5 for non-member
$0 free for members


Inline Skater Competition April 4TH
(Sunday Practice’s February 2,9,16,23)

Skateboarder Competition July 5TH
(Sunday Practice’s May 4,11,18,25)

Scooter Competition October 5TH
(Sunday Practice’s August 3,10,17,24)

Bike Competition December 4TH
(Sunday Practice’s November 4,11,18,25)

Bonus Points:

1st Place – 75pts
2nd Place – 50pts
3rd Place – 25pts

Landslide Park Series Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.07.54 PM

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