After 16 years

We have been around a long time and we wanted to tell you that we appreciate all the support and love that we have received over the years. This year is time for some changes and we want to start it off on a good note.

First off, we have a rewards program that you can save and get free time to ride. If you download our rewards card on your mobil device. *(No cost to sign up)


Second, we offer a membership as well as month passes to help you save if you are a frequent return visitor. View Membership Deals.

Lastly, we will be changing our prices this change is going to take effect immediately. For our new and current members your prices will remain till the end of your membership term. By 2019 changes will be made to all current and new member deals.

We hope to keep you around and if you have any questions regarding these changes feel free to contact us.

Here is to a new year

The Landslide Skate Park Family.