Halloween all night party


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Tricks & Treats All Night Long

12-PM Late Night Pizza Dinner
1-AM Best costume
3-AM Spin the wheel
5- 7 AM Games Drop off is at


8:00 PM
Pick up is at 8:00 AM

COST (by OCTOBER 16th)

$65 Pre-register (by OCTOBER 16th)
$55 Pre-register for Life Members.


$75 if you don’t pre-register!


This is a lock-in party you cannot leave without your parent or guardians permission.

Try Using Augmented Reality Today

xj4yxfpek5dsqlqclc2whg-aurasma_primary_logo_colTake a closer look at Landslide Skate Park. Aurasma is available to anyone with an email address. Aurasma use augmented reality (AR) to turn everyday objects, images, and places into new, interactive opportunities to engage with their fans and customers through striking graphics, animation, video, audio, and 3D content.



• Download the app.

• Pick up our brochure

• Point the home screen scanner at the cover

• Watch the hidden video

Landslide Skate Park Birthday Party

The idea to open a skate park has always been our dream.  Our family started planning to open the park in 2000.  The process took over a year to plan and set up. On September 9th 2001 we had our first delivery of lumber. Because owner Raymond Guisgand had several jobs including carpenter and aircraft body tech for the Air Force we were able to build the first park in 1 month.  So we have been here for 15 years and this October on the 14th we are hosting a party to celebrate our sweet sixteenth birthday. We opened October 12, 2001 and was conceived in 2000.

We have been open for 15 years and we have been planning it for 16.

Thanks to our wonderful team they decided it was a good idea to host games, do a BBQ, order pizza, supply home made baked goods, cake, and Ice Cream.

Hopefully you all can join in the festivities.

Birthday Party.png